CLOTHING SALE – nothing over $5 – ALL MUST GO

Hi and Welcome.
This is a store that has things that you may not have thought you might need, but now that you have seen them you cannot do without them.
If you have English as a second language, please click on the Google translate button in the left hand column, this will make the whole site more understandable. We do welcome visitors from any place in the world.

  • All items are open to reasonable offers for all time.
  • To TOP it off, even with the offer system, the first 50 buyers that purchase something from this store get a 15% discount . This is on top of any offer they may make; It does NOT go as low as zero cost to the customer. This is not to say I may or may not throw in a freebie occasionally!
  • The 15% is off the total price of the item including freight .


  • However, anybody that wants to make an offer after the 50 people have signed up is more than free to do so.
  • The calculation is – Item, plus tax, plus freight,  then deduct 15% = TOTAL YOU PAY
  • I do accept payments through Paypal  and this website is hosted through Ventralip, An Australian company that are going great guns!

The calculation for the 15% price deduction is shown per item, so that you can see what the deduction roughly is going to be. Like , I do NOT take 15% off then add 10% GST.

I also bulk post, hence the add to quote bit. That could also be used for selecting a lot of things and want a clear price for the lot.

If you want to read some of my past customers feedback for the way I do business, just check out my “Feedback” page. You may even use it at a later date to add your own!