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COVID-19 Update
To all you people that throughout the world that are self isolating, if we keep it up we may yet get on top of this interruption to our way of life.

Despite the Covid-19 virus, the HOUSE IS STILL FOR SALE.

Some tips to relieve the boredom of self isolating.
Do you make it yourself?
Do you own a sewing machine?
I have the sewing accessories,:- (Needles (hand & Machine); Thread -(machine and overlocker); Bobbins, ( plastic); Bias tape maker; Eyelet tools))
and the MDF wood blanks to start the process;
Scrap & Card Craft :- Ribbon & trim, brads, charms, beads;
Ceramics– greenware that needs painting and glazing
Is it a book for ideas you need?
Do you Cook?
I have recipe books here- all brand new.
I do bulk post
There is also a board game that can wile away the hours as well.

We at NMCandypro.xyz will help you decide. Check it out.
Get into the best and probably cheapest items first before they disappear.
Everything MUST go as we are moving house.
There may be even more great stuff added yet as I pack! With this in mind the HOUSE is also listed here now! Check it out!

Anything at all is open to offers Make one and see if it’s accepted. Things are getting very desperate here

I do accept payments through Paypal  and this website is hosted through Ventralip, An Australian company that are going great guns!

I also bulk post, hence the add to quote bit. That could also be used for selecting a lot of things and want a clear price for the lot.
Just a temporary note here- IF you purchase something and it comes up with no postage at all, would you mind just waiting until I review and send you the proper invoice! I have done something wrong in setting up my postage, there is a charge but it is Australia Post + 50 cents, NOT anything more. Thank you. I am working on the fix now!!

Feedback from my past experiences online is available here:- “Feedback
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